Dragon Drive Wiki
• Characteristics •
Species Human
Gender ♂ Male
Hair Sandy Blonde
Eyes Brown
• Personal Information •
Status Deceased
Family Mahiru (brother)
Friends Rokkaku
Enemies Kohei Toki (deceased)
• First Appearance •
Anime The Journey

Yako is Rokkaku's friend and Mahiru's older brother. His dragon is Thundervolt, who now belongs to Rokkaku.


Yako and his friend, Rokkaku, shared one dream: to become the strongest team in Rikyu. Yako and Rokkaku would arouse trouble wherever they went. One day, he and Rokkaku arrived in a destroyed village. Kohei Toki arrives shortly after, claiming to be the one that destroyed the village. In a fit of anger, Rokkaku immediately charged at Kohei, but missed his shot, and Rokkaku ended up losing his left eye to Kohei's dragon, along with Thundervolt, who tried protecting Rokkaku and ended up losing his left eye as well. Yako orders his dragon, Thundervolt, to take Rokkaku and fly as far away as possible. Yako then brings out his smaller dragon, and, shortly after, there is a large explosion that engulfs the village. Yako and his small, pink dragon are nowhere to be found after.