Winner and Loser

Episode Title

Winner and Loser

Air Date


The Gathering




The time for the match between Reiji's team and Mukai's team has come. While Makio and Sayaka battle it out, Daisuke decides he can help by going to rescue the mysterious woman prisoner while everyone is watching the matches.

Daisuke and Kanpa try to save the mystery woman on their own. After Maiko and Sayaka's match ends with a draw, Reiji fights against Kyoji. When Chibi finally gets the strength to defeat Kyoji, Kyoji gives up, saying he wishes to learn more about Reiji. Next Reiji fights against Mukai himself, while at the same time Daisuke finds out the truth about the mysterious woman. She tells him to give her pendant to her son, and soon dies form exhaustion and malnutrition, despite Daisuke's pleas.

Back at the arena, Reiji and Chibi are able to defeat Mukai and his dragon Shadow Fang.



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