To the Legendary Mountain

Episode Title

To the Legendary Mountain

Air Date


Rites of Passage




Hikaru pursues Reiji as he and Chibi try to train, but Reiji eventually gives Hikaru the slip.

Meanwhile, Ichiro tries to convince Meguru to return to Earth with him, but she refuses. The other begin to question if Ichiro really plans to help, and Ichiro tries to find a way to get them to trust him. Sun Wols then arrives assist them in their fight against Kohei and RI-ON, but gets angry when he sees Ichiro. Sun doesn't trust Ichiro, because he was on a team with Kohei. Ichiro proposes a battle to prove his loyalty, and Sun eagerly accepts. The two fight with what seems to be equal strength, but Meguru begs them to stop. Sun's dragon accidentally targets Meguru with his attack, and Ichiro uses his dragon as a shield to protect her. Upon seeing this Sun agrees that Ichiro can now be fully trusted.

Also, Reiji and Chibi are getting closer to their destination.



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