The Truth

Episode Title

The Truth

Air Date


Labrynth of Darkness




Reiji awakens, only to realize he's trapped in a strange ice covered cave with Kohei. Kohei tells Reiji to take the opportunity and fight him now. When Kohei attack misses, Reiji realizes he's blind. Kohei begs Reiji to finish him off, or RI-ON will do so instead. Kohei tells Reiji about his past, and how if they met earlier, they might have been friends. Reiji offers to help Kohei, and Kohei agrees to join them. The two work together and break free if the shared illusion. They then defeat the dragon creating it.

Once that's over Kohei takes off and tells Reiji he should save his friends rather than chase after him. Reiji angrily realizes that Kohei used him, Kohei however points out that he simply didn't mean everything he'd said earlier. Reiji goes to help the others, while Kohei and Hideaki steal Shinryu. Hikaru stats plainly he'll have to Daisuke to save everyone from him, but Maiko begs him not to. Reiji and Chibi arrive and manage to free Daisuke and Kanpa, but not before promising the dragon guardian that they would not release Shinryu.

Kohei meanwhile is trying to make a break for it, but Rokkaku tries to stop him. Mahiru shows up and doesn't do what Kohei asks. Kohei attacks him, but Rokkaku protects him. Kohei attacks again, but Kyoji and Sayaka arrive and prevent the attack. Kyoji then forces Kohei reveal that he was the one who killed Mahiru's brother. Mahiru now knows the truth and prepares to attack Kohei in a rage.



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