The Price of Power

Episode Title

The Price of Power

Air Date


SinnSaber (episode)


A Mysterious Warrior


Chibi may have acquired the power of Shinsaber, but the power is too much for him to handle. As a result, Chibi begins to overheat and goes into a catatonic state and Reiji is warned that if he doesn't find a mineral that suppresses the power causing him to overheat, Chibi will die.

Hikaru carries Reiji to the location and tells Reiji he wants Chibi to get better so he can defeat him and get even greater power. Hikaru takes his leave as Reiji finds the mineral.

Meanwhile, Kohei has returned to Rikyu, and is attacking the shrines and interrogating the priests to learn the location of the Shrine of the four Dragons. Daisuke tries to hold Kohei off while Maiko goes to get the others.

Also, Rokkaku is attacked by a mysterious warrior in dark glasses for seemingly no reason. Reiji has gotten the mineral, he risks his life to save Chibi, and manages to do so. After resting, they go off to find the others. All of the others get ready to attack Kohei, but Reiji shows up and reveals his new power. Kohei flees the battle, happy that he now has an opponent worth fighting.



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