The Gathering

Episode Title

The Gathering

Air Date


As You Are


Winner and Loser


While visiting a town on their way to the tournament, the group spies some three contestants picking on elderly man. Rokkaku mocks them and the three get ready to fight him. However, a mysterious man arrives and stops the fight.

That night, the three contestants from earlier abduct Maiko and try to use her a bait in a trap for Reiji and Rokkaku. Reiji goes after them and gets caught up in a fight. The leader starts attacking him with Maiko tied up to his dragon. Unable to fight back, Reiji and Chibi take a heavy beating. Just when they are about to be defeated, the mysterious warrior from before arrives and reveals himself to be the winner of the last tournament Sun Wols. He saves Maiko and Reiji is given the opportunity to defeat them. However, Reiji says he'll spare them so they can fight properly in the tournament.

The next morning, Maiko tells Reiji and Rokkaku to stay back so she can get revenge on them. Maiko easily beats all three of them and Daisuke arrives for the match, only to discover that it is already over.



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