The Fight Begins

Episode Title

The Fight Begins

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Dragonic Heaven


The Anger's End


Rokkaku takes Reiji and Daisuke the location where the tournament will be held. When they arrive, Chibi falls into a nearby river and is found by a pair of mysterious children.

Reiji goes looking for Chibi, and ends up finding him with the twins. The two have tied him to a rope and is forcing him to dance on a ball in the middle of the ocean with their own dragon. Reiji is furious and demands Chibi back, but the twins, Lyn and Sue, refuse, claiming that since they found him. Chibi is now technically their property. Adding that he is much more entertaining than their own pet dragon. The twins' escort, a woman calling herself Sally appears and tells him that she'll pay him as much money as he likes in exchange for Chibi. Reiji refuses the money and the twins are shocked about how un-greedy he is.

They call forth this giant sea serpent-like dragon to eat Chibi and their own pet dragon. Working together, Reiji and Chibi easily defeat the sea serpent dragon. Then free the twins pet dragon, who shows he's very grateful to Reiji before leaving.



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