The Anger's End

Episode Title

The Anger's End

Air Date


The Fight Begins


Proof of Trust


Reiji, Daisuke, and Rokkaku have only a few hours to get a special stone to qualify for the tournament. Rokkaku decides to take a nap and tells them that this will prove whether they should be able work as a team or not. Reiji and Daisuke find a bunch of stones huddled together, but it turns out to be a trap set by Lyn and Sue. the young twins from before.

They use their dragons to ambush Reiji and Daisuke. Daisuke orders Reiji to stay out of the fight so he can prove his strength. Daisuke and Kanpa are severely overpowered, but Daisuke refuses to give up. Touched by his determination, Sue gives Daisuke an orb and tells him that he deserves it because she wants to see somebody like him make it to the next round so she can defeat him personally. But, it's all a trick and Daisuke is attacked by both the opposing dragons and seemingly defeated.

Reiji gets very angry at the twins for tricking Daisuke and begins goes into a rage. Chibi's body begins to turn black and he seems to have grown more powerful...



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