This section contains plot details about the Dragon Drive anime/manga series.
Takumi Yukino
Yukino Takumi

Takumi Yukino (Manga)

• Characteristics •
Species Human
Gender ♂ Male
Hair Blue
Eyes Green
• Personal Information •
Status Alive
Family Maiko Yukino (sister)
• First Appearance •
Anime N/A
Manga Dragon Drive Volume 8

Takumi Yukino is Maiko Yukino's younger brother and the main protagonist of the second story arc. Takumi doesn't appear in the anime.


Takumi is slightly shy and reserved. Just like Reiji Ozora, he have a personality that makes him trusted by everyone and encourages everyone on. He was once described as being like a willow tree, which bends under pressure but will not break.


Takumi's story begins in chapter thirty where he arrives at the Dragon Drive center disguised in sunglasses and a winter hat and scarf. He mentally apologizes to his sister (later revealed to be Maiko Yukino from the first story arc) for breaking his promise to her; she had forbidden him to play Dragon Drive. However, a flashback sequence reveals that while taking shelter from the rain, Takumi met an old man (Agent A) who told him that he should stimulate his heart and gave him a deck of Dragon Drive cards, telling him to do as he likes with them. This brings the reader back to the Dragon Drive center where Takumi intends to learn how to play by watching a tournament.


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