Dragon drive shinsaber 8888

• Characteristics •
Species Dragon
Element(s) Light
Gender ♂ Male
• Personal Information •
Status Alive
Partner Reiji Ozora

Shinsaber is an ancient and powerful dragon.

For many years Shinsaber lived atop a mountain. Eventually many dragon masters from all over the plant came to the mountain to face Shinsaber and test themselves against him in a series of dangerous trials.

Eventually Reiji Ozora from Earth and his dragon Chibi faced Shinsaber's trials. During his search for Shinsaber, Reiji was challenged to a duel by Hikaru Himuro. The battle caught Shinsaber's attention. So Shinsaber interrupted them, defeat their dragons with ease.

Eventually, Reiji and Chibi were able to earn Shinsaber's loyalty. Shinsaber then fused with Chibi in order for Chibi to become a stronger dragon. He would manifest into a sword which could be used by Chibi.





  • In the English translation of the series, Shinsaber is referred to as Sinnsaber.
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