Dragon-drive shinryu 01

• Characteristics •
Species Dragon
Element(s) Darkness
Gender ♂ Male
• Personal Information •
Status Deceased
Partner Kohei Toki

Shinryu is a dragon who's very existence can bring about the end of the world. Shinryu possesses powers over the void itself and when fully awakened to the true power of Senkokoura, is his equal.


It is said that he twice almost ruined Rikyu but closed away by Senkokoura and Shinsaber into the Dragonnite. He was reawakened by Kohei Toki, but he needed a host in order reawaken his hidden power. Kohei willingly agreed to be the host and consequently became one with him. Once Shinryu regained his power, he easily killed Saizou and his dragon by squeezing them to death in one of his claws.

Reiji Ozora and his friends arrived in the virtual city inside the Dragon Drive game. Shinryu, along with Kohei were finally defeated by Senkoukura in its true form.


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