Shadow of a Friend

Episode Title

Shadow of a Friend

Air Date


A Mysterious Warrior


Eternal Life


Everyone decides to go off and find the shrine before kohei, while Daisuke and Maiko stay behind. Reiji and Sun Wols decide to tell about themselves, while Kyoji searches for Sayaka and Ichiro searches for his own path.

Reiji and Sun meet up with some guys who are capturing dragons, and are taken to where their madam lives. They ask her for the location of the shrine, but she refuses to tell them. She then shows them her "Dragon Paradise", where she catches dragons alive and keeps them as trophies, trapped forever in a crystal shell where they live forever. Reiji tries to free them, but Chibi is captured and frozen as well. Meanwhile, Sayaka has gained Kohei's trust, but not the warrior's. So, she decides to fight Kyoji to earn it. It doesn't take longer for to be outmatched, so Kohei and the warrior help her out. But, Rokkaku shows up and draws the warrior's attention. The warrior reveals himself to be Mahiru, Rokkaku's friend's little brother, and he wants revenge for his brother's death. Rokkaku and Yako promised to become the best together and die together, but Rokkaku's still alive. Mahiru thinks Rokkaku betrayed his brother and attacks, but Kyoji helps out. Kohei, Mahiru, and Sayaka decide to leave and move to the next stage of their plan.



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