Sayaka Towa

Sayaka Towa

• Characteristics •
Species Human
Gender ♀ Female
Hair Pink
Eyes Brown
• Professional Information •
Affiliation RI-ON (temporary)
• Personal Information •
Status Alive
• First Appearance •
Anime Episode 1
• Voice Actors •
Japanese Yukana
English Willow Johnson

Sayaka Towa is a well-known Dragon Drive player.


Sayaka is quite beautiful and is perceived that way by many males. She has pink hair that comes down to her shoulders. She has brown eyes. She wears bracelets on each of her sleeveless arms and one on her neck. Throughout the series, she wears a tight purple dress, which often defines her chest. You can tell that her dress is very tight on her becuase her chest is very well-defined. Sayaka's dress also reveals that she has a slim waist, as the dress is very tight on her waist. Her dress goes down to her upper thighs, so her lower thighs and legs are revealed. On her dress, there is a some design. The design is three white lines across her butt that goes around the dress and ends at her left hip. In the beginning of the show when she is first introduced, she wears purple sunglasses. Overall Sayaka has a very lean and sexy body that is complimented very well by her dress.


Sayaka Towa is the best female Dragon Drive player in the world and the champion of C Block. She seems to have a crush on Reiji, which makes Maiko jealous. Sayaka wants to go to Rikyu because her dying grandfather told her that the Jinryuuseki could be used to grant wishes. However, she later learns from Obaba that the Jinryuuseki cannot grant wishes. Because Kohei had the Jinryuuseki, Sayaka decides to join him and betray Reiji and the others. Reiji later confronts her and tells her that she is very important to him and his friends. Once she hears this, Sayaka rejoins Reiji and the others. Towards the end of the series, Sayaka is asked out by Kyoji and says yes to him.



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