Dragon Drive Wiki
• Characteristics •
Species Human
Gender ♀ Female
Hair Purple
Eyes Brown
• Professional Information •
Affiliation RI-ON (temporary)
• Personal Information •
Status Alive
• First Appearance •
Anime Episode 9
• Voice Actors •
Japanese Akemi Okamura
English Nicole Leroux

Sally is the guardian of the twins, Lyn and Sue.


She knows that Sue and Lyn were never given attention by their parents, despite that they had given them everything they wanted. Although she follows their orders, she seeks Reiji's help to save Sue and Lin from the dark influence of Darx, knowing that she will consequently be killed by RI-ON for betraying them.


Sally is a woman with purple hair that is parted down the middle, and the back of her hair splits into several spikes. She has brown eyes and wears orange sunglasses.