Dragon Drive Wiki
AKA "The Giant"
• Characteristics •
Species Human
Gender ♂ Male
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
• Personal Information •
Status Alive
Family Gokakku (brother)
Friends Yako (deceased)
Allies Thundervolt
Shadow Fang
Enemies Kohei Toki (deceased)
• Voice Actors •
Japanese Takehito Koyasu
English Lee Tockar

Rokkaku (ロッカク) is the older brother of Gokakku. His dragon is Thundervolt, who previously belonged to his friend, Yako.


Rokkaku is extraordinarily tall and has a muscular build. He has two cuts on his right eye, which were caused by Kohei Toki's dragon during his first encounter with him.


Anime/Manga Season 1

Rokkaku first challenges Reiji to a showdown for stealing his spot in the tournament, but quickly agrees to join his team and help him. He is a strong foe who went berserk during the last tournament, and seeks revenge on Kohei, who took out one of his eyes and killed his best friend, Yako.

Usually a rough, uncouth drunkard, he has a strong sense of righteousness, and is greatly loyal to his comrades. Rokkaku fights alongside Reiji and Maiko in the Dragonic Heaven Tournament; when Reiji and the others go to Gwonku's castle to defeat Gwonku, Rokkaku stays behind at the tournament, unable to fight against Kohei, Ichiro Sumishiba, and Hikaru Himuro in the final round because the rules state that in order to fight in the tournament all teammates must be present.

In the anime, Rokkaku often battles with Mahiru, who believes that he was the one who caused his brother Yako's death. Rokkaku has two brothers: Hakkaku and Gokakku.

Manga Season 2

Although no longer as drunk, he is still loud and uncouth. More powerful than before, he took it upon himself to train the Raikoo Masters from Earth and prepare them to fight against RI-ON.


  • At the end of the anime, Rokkaku hands over ownership of Thundervolt to Mahiru. Taking the dragon Shadow Fang as his new partner in honor of his last partner Mukai.