Rites of Passage

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Rites of Passage

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To the Legendary Mountain


Ichiro Sumishiba appears to offer his services to Maiko, Daisuke, and Rokkaku, but wishes to speak with Meguru first. While he and Meguru find a place to talk, Ichiro reminisces about his past. When he and Meguru are alone he begs her to come back to Earth for her sister Agent L.

Meanwhile, Reiji goes off on a journey with Chibi to find the legendary dragon named Shinsaber, and learn it's secrets. He soon gets stuck in a swamp while a dragon attacks him. A mysterious young man appears and tries to help, but doesn't stand a chance. At the last second, Hikaru arrives and defeats the dragon, but destroys a sacred shrine in the process. Reiji and Hikaru are soon arrested, and the boy explains the situation. When he learns about Reiji's plan, the boy decides to go and ask that they be set free, but soon discovers the truth about his teacher, leader of the village Defense Force, and the dragon that has been attacking the village. He rushes back and helps Reiji and Hikaru escape their cell, and then all three must defeat the dragon to prove their trust. Hikaru watches from the sidelines as Chibi is too hungry to transform, and Reiji and the boy struggle to against the evil dragon. He then decides to help, only to find that Reiji had a plan to defeat the dragon all along. Reiji and the boy work together and defeat the dragon.

As a consequence, the boy gets a spot on the Defense Force. The young man's master is exposed for the fraud he is, and Reiji and Chibi take their leave. But, Hikaru wont leave them alone.



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