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Reiji and the others discover that Chibi has fallen ill, and may even die if something isn't done. To stop this, Reiji goes on a journey to find a special herb that may save Chibi's life. Meanwhile, RI-ON is preparing to send forces back to Rikyu to carry out their plans and revive Shinryu.

To prepare for Kohei's inevitable return, Maiko, Daisuke, and Rokkaku decide to seek out more warriors to ask for their aid in the upcoming battle. They soon discover a young man by the name of Shiro Kurosawa, who is actually another Dragon Drive player from Earth. They later stumble across his dragon, but it is locked up in cave behind a wall of rocks. Shiro explains that the dragon's name is Eager-Striker, the first creature he met when he arrived in Rikyu. He goes on, explaining that they two of them were the best of friends until Eager-Striker seemingly went crazy one day and attacked him.

While this is going on, Kanpa seemingly goes into a rage and appears to being trying to strike Daisuke, but it turns out he was trying to protect him from very small bloodsucking dragons. Shiro realizes his mistake, and is soon saved by Eager-Striker. After the bloodsucking dragons are defeated, Shiro declines Maiko's offer to join them, stating that he still has too much to learn about dragons to be of any help.

Meanwhile, Reiji returns with the herb, but finds that Chibi won't wake up, Chibi instead begins to glow brightly. Once he stops glowing, Chibi awakens alive and well.