Promised Dive

Episode Title

Promised Dive

Air Date


The Sleeping Dragon




Since he's been doing so well, Reiji promises Maiko that he'll protect her if she's in trouble next time they play Dragon Drive. Maiko tells him that he is overconfident and his success so far was just luck. Reiji ignores her and starts bragging about how great Chibi is.

Later that day they go back to play Dragon Drive, and Reiji meets a boy by the name of Ichiro. Ichiro is incredibly tough and shows no mercy towards the other players. Claiming he'll beat everyone in ten minutes or less and he'll save Reiji for last so he can witness it. Ichiro starts taking out all of the other players dragons, until Maiko becomes his target. Reiji discovers Chibi can grow wings and jumps off a building hoping he'll fly them to her. Chibi isn't strong enough and the two begin to plummet to the ground. Chibi is able to regain height at the last moment.





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