Episode Title


Air Date


Winner and Loser


Eve of Battle


Reiji, Maiko, and Daisuke soon learn about an evil dragon Gwonku, who destroyed the home and killed the partner of Medina Heaven is keeping some of the people he hasn't yet killed hostage.

In order to save them, and against Rokkaku's advice, they risk their own participation in the tournament to see if there's a chance to save the captives. They do manage to find one woman being held in a cell the can't force open, but fall into a trap where a dragon made of liquid can burn anything it touches. Kyoji suddenly arrives on his dragon Air Blast to save them.

When they regroup, Rokkaku scolds Reiji and the others for not listening to him. Reiji meanwhile is still worried about the woman being held prisoner by Gwonku, unaware that she is Mukai's mother. Kyoji then announces that they will be fighting each other in the next round.



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