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Meguru-dragon-drive 03.jpg
• Characteristics •
Species Human
Gender ♀ Female
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
• Personal Information •
Family Agent L (sister)
• Voice Actors •
Japanese Sayaka Ohara
English Chiara Zanni

Meguru is the younger sister of Agent L and a traitor to RI-ON.



Meguru once tried to help in the plot to take over Rikyu, but she defected when she was saved by the people of Rikyu and came to realize the truth about Dragon Drive. She has made a home for herself in Rikyu, and is the chosen heir for Rikyu's leader. Meguru is seen riding a red dragon a few times but uses Jigen Jouka as her main dragon partner twice, once to bring Reiji, Maiko, and Daisuke to Rikyu and once to create a dimensional portal for Reiji and his friends to use to leave Rikyu to stop Kohei from resurrecting Shinryu and RI-ON from destroying both worlds.

In the final episode, Meguru tells Agent L that she loves Rikyu and its people and wishes to stay there; Agent L allows her to stay and promises to visit her. In the epilogue, Meguru is seen studying in a library in Rikyu with Obaba.


  • In the epilogue, Meguru appears to have made friends with Medina Heaven.