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Maiko Yukino
Yukino Maiko
• Characteristics •
Species Human
Gender ♀ Female
Hair Blonde
Eyes Brown
• Personal Information •
Status Alive
Friends Reiji Ozora< br/>Daisuke Hagiwara
• First Appearance •
Anime The Sleeping Dragon
Manga Dragon Drive: D-Break
• Voice Actors •
Japanese Yūko Sasamoto
English Brittney Irvin

Maiko Yukino is Reiji's childhood friend.


Maiko is very beautiful (especially to Daisuke) and is slim. She has light brown hair and has two pigtails. She has dark brown eyes. She wears a tight striped t-shirt and wears blue jeans. She also wears a belt. At school, Maiko wears a white t-shirt with red stripes at the end of each sleeve. She also wears a ribbon that starts at the collar of her shirt and ends at her chest. She also wears a brown skirt, which covers her thighs, while her legs are revealed. It covers considerably more than Sayaka's do.


She is tough and dislikes being patronized, often striving to prove herself as an equal to her comrades. She might have a crush on Reiji that she is probably unaware of, and often gets jealous when any other girl appears to be showing signs of affection toward Reiji.


Maiko is Reiji's childhood friend. She has a secret crush of Reiji. Daisuke Hagiwara has a crush on her as seen in the first episode. Her dragon in Dragon Drive is Goraoh, which is a lion with wings, but it can't fly. She blackmails Reiji into playing Dragon Drive by threatening to show his bad test score to everyone in their class.


Maiko has the unique ability to communicate with dragons, as she demonstrated by finding out Medina Heaven's name after being told by Medina, herself.

This could also explain why her brother, Takumi, has the ability to talk to dragons.