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Hikaru Himuro
氷室 / ヒカル
Himuro Hikaru
• Characteristics •
Species Human
Gender ♂ Male
Hair Silver
Eyes Yellow
• Professional Information •
Affiliation RI-ON (previously)
• Personal Information •
Status Alive
Allies Kokao (formerly)
• Voice Actors •
Japanese Kenichi Suzumura
English Michael Adamthwaite

Hikaru Himuro (氷室ヒカル Himuro Hikaru) is the champion of Dragon Drive and Reiji's biggest rival. His first dragon was Kokao, but was previously replaced by Kanopus. He becomes an antagonist after entering Rikyu under RI-ON's orders, but towards the end of the series, he becomes a deuteragonist after helping Reiji and his friends defeat Kohei Toki.


He was recruited by RI-ON as a soldier, but doesn't seem to care for anybody or anything. His true intentions are unknown, and Reiji is the only person he sees any interest in. He later defects from RI-ON to pursue Reiji with the intention of challenging him to a showdown. Himuro later goes on the same quest as Reiji to gain the power of Shinsaber, but Reiji was successful in gaining this particular power. He begins to show his true colors after Reiji obtains the power of Shinsaber by saying that if he had gotten a hold of that power, he would have been lonely forever.

Towards the end, he is a big help in the fight against RI-ON and Shinryu. In the manga, he is shown to be somewhat afraid of ghosts and the supernatural, because he fainted when he saw the skeleton dragon in the abandoned mansion with Reiji. Hikaru's first Dragon was Kokao, but was later abandoned and replaced by Kanopus after its defeated by Senkoukura.