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Dragon drive hideaki 429823.jpg

• Characteristics •
Species Hologram
Gender ♂ Male
Hair Violet
Eyes Pink
• Professional Information •
Affiliation RI-ON (formerly)
• Personal Information •
Status Alive
Friends Meguru
Allies Crystal Gene
Reiji Ozora
Daisuke Hagiwara
Maiko Yukino
Kohei Toki (formerly)
Saizou Toki (formerly)
Enemies Meguru (formerly)
Reiji Ozora (formerly)
Daisuke Hagiwara(formerly)
Maiko Yukino(formerly)

Hideaki is a sentient computer program created in the image of a young boy. He first appeared in Rikyu, claiming to be an innocent Dragon Drive player from earth who's machine malfunctioned.



When he first arrives in Rikyu, Hideaki lied to Reiji Ozora and his friends. Claiming that he was a Dragon Drive champion; Reiji and the others were surprised that he could be a champion at such a young age and came to the conclusion that he is very powerful. He also told Kohei that he was his younger brother. He managed to trick Reiji and the others into trusting them (although Chibi took an instant dislike to him). He then betrayed them and revealed he was with RI-ON. He has a great deal of admiration for Meguru and always wanted to prove his strength to her. Hideaki helped Kohei until they left Rikyu and arrived in the virtual city in Dragon Drive. Once Saizou arrived in the virtual city, Kohei came to the conclusion that he was never their biological father. In addition, it is revealed that Hideaki is actually a computer program that was created only to help further RI-ON's plans. Once Hideaki learns the truth, Saizou has him seemingly deleted from Dragon Drive program. However, Hideaki is able to return to Dragon Drive and help Reiji and the others defeat Kohei and Shinryu with the help from Agent S. After Kohei and Shinryu are defeated, Hideaki says farewell to Meguru and remains in Dragon Drive.