Dragon drive guan-coo-1601
• Characteristics •
Species Dragon
Element(s) Darkness
Gender ♂ Male
• Personal Information •
Status Deceased
• Voice Actors •
Japanese Joji Yanami
English Terry Klassen

Gwonku is a big fat Dragon who once ruled over the city of Yaudim. In the anime, he governs the city itself and held Mukai's mother prisoner, forcing her son to compete in the Dragonic Heaven Tournament. She is eventually freed when Daisuke finds her, but she tragically dies moments after being rescued.

In the manga, Gwonku rules Yaudim, but is actually very childish and has a close human adviser who really handles all internal affairs, making him appear less evil. He also has a crush on Maiko, who hates advances until she learns from the relationship he once had with a female singer, the original partner of Medina Heaven.

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