Dragon Drive: Volume 1
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Author Ken-ichi Sakura
Illustrator Ken-ichi Sakura
Publication date 4/3/2007
Published by VIZ Media LLC
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Followed by
Dragon Drive: Volume 2

This the first book in the Dragon Drive series.

Reiji Ozora Chibisuke
Maiko Yukino Ichiro Sumishiba
Daisuke Hagiwara Hikaru Himuro


Reiji Ozora thinks he's no good at anything—especially schoolwork. One day, he's introduced to a game called Dragon Drive and gets his very own virtual dragon and names it Chibi. Small and weak, Chibi appears to act just like Reiji! But after their first battle, Reiji realizes there may be more to his tiny friend than meets the eye.

The tale of a loser kid who gets whisked off into a magical world where it turns out he and his small, but powerful dragon may play a part in saving the world itself.

Reiji Oozora is a loser who is not good at anything—especially schoolwork. One day, his friend, Maiko Yukino, offers to share her class notes with him to help him out on the condition that he takes her wherever she wants to go. She takes him to a secret place where a virtual reality game called Dragon Drive is played. Reiji signs up, gets his own dragon, which ends up being the smallest and weakest in the game. Because of its tiny size, Reiji names the dragon "Chibi". After beginning his first match, Reiji and Maiko are sent to battle a classmate who has a crush on Maiko named Daisuke. Reiji runs from the battle, and when it seems like he can't win, his dragon does something impossible. Chibi suddenly powers up and defeats the much larger dragon. After achieving his first victory, Reiji suddenly becomes addicted to Dragon Drive.

A staff member of the Dragon Drive virtual reality game named Agent L realizes that there is something incredible about Chibi's performance and invites Reiji and Maiko to a special training room. It is there that she reveals the real purpose of the game is for players to bring out their dragon's true potential. Just then a strange girl riding a dragon appears and takes them to a fantastic magical world. It turns out it this world is in peril of being taken over by an evil group called RI-ON and the only one who can possibly stop them is none other than Reiji's little dragon, Chibi. Thus the adventure begins.


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