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The Truth




Reiji and the others try to stop Kohei and Hideaki from returning to Earth, but fail in doing so. Rokkaku and Mahiru manage to follow them back to Earth, leaving the others behind.

Meanwhile, Kohei's father, Saizou Toki, finally has the Dragonite and is ready to release Shinryu, having Hideaki do it from D-Zone. Kohei travels to D-Zone to prove his strength and steals it from Hideaki. Kohei then figures out what Hideaki really is, he is a computer program, a virtual life-form that can only exist within the Dragon Drive game and Rikyu.

Saizou appears within Dragon Drive and Hideaki runs to him, happy to meet him in person. Kohei explains to Hideaki that he is simply a computer program created to keep an eye on him, and that Saizou doesn't care about him beyond that. Hideaki refuses to believe Kohei, that is until Saizou deletes him. Kohei then decides that it's time to release Shinryu and prepared to do so.