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The Boy


The Four Sacred Dragons


Hideaki, who is revealed to be working for RI-ON, now knows where the shrine is. Kohei tells Meguru to lead them there, but she refuses. When Ishiro arrives, Hideaki wants to prove his strength to Meguru and defeats him.

Soon though the others arrive to save Ichiro and a full scale battle ensues. Meguru is determined not to help RI-ON and jumps off of Kohei's dragon, attempting to commit suicide. Ichiro saves her and Hideaki is furious, he wants Meguru back. However, with help from Agent L, Ichiro's life is spared by affecting Hideaki from Earth. Something strange goes on with him, and the president of RI-ON orders them to head to the shrine.

As they leave, Reiji and the others openly wonder how they can possibly win now, and are determined to reach the shrine before Kohei, Mahiru, and Hideaki.