As You Are

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As You Are

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Proof of Trust


The Gathering


As they trek through the desert to the Dragonic tournament, Maiko stats that since Daisuke's place on the team until he recovers. Rokkaku claims that Maiko can't take Daisuke's place because she is no warrior, and her dragon Goraoh is too weak. Maiko makes Rokkaku a bet, if she can reach the end of the desert on her own, since her dragon can't fly, then she gets to take the injured Daisuke's place. Reiji tries to convince Maiko not to, but Rokkaku agrees to her terms.

As she makes her way across the desert with Goraoh, Maiko comes to realize how hard it really is to be a warrior. After being chased quite a ways by a pack of vicious wild dragons, she and Goraoh comes across an abandoned music house where she discovers a tiny pink dragon that tells the story of it's life. As the music house soon comes under attack, it's up to Maiko to protect it. With help from her new dragon friend, Medina Heaven, Maiko uses the hidden defenses of the music house Goraoh's powerful sound attacks to devastate the attacking dragons.

Eventually, Maiko, Goraoh and Medina Heaven catch up with Reiji and the others. Winning her bet with Rokkaku.



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