A Mysterious Warrior

Episode Title

A Mysterious Warrior

Air Date


The Price of Power


Shadow of a Friend


The mysterious warrior in shades decides to team up with Kohei, hoping he'll take out the others while he goes after Rokkaku. Reiji and Chibi try to train, but they are too strong for everyone else to help much. However, something isn't quite right with Chibi.

Kohei and the warrior arrive at Reiji's location, but Rokkaku isn't anywhere to be seen. Maiko refuses to tell, and the warrior must fight them all to prove his strength to Kohei. Reiji decides to take him on by himself, and appears to have the advantage. But, Reiji has trouble hitting his opponent. Chibi begins to lose power and Kohei finally understands that the warrior is strong enough to be his partner. Reiji is told that Chibi doesn't have the stamina to use the power of SinnSaber too many times, and needs to work on improving that. Meanwhile, Sayaka Towa decides to team up with Kohei and the warrior.



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